Office Building File for Free Download

Office Building

Office Building

This file contains editable Sketchup file for office building


1.file contain only structure and design to know how a structure effects the exterior

2.Architectrue standards design

4.Modern facade design

5.exterior envelope

File Format:.skp

Use or purpose of the file:  architecture office design, Architecture standards,design, architecture, Modern facade design, exterior envelope  etc.
Sample view:

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File size: 873 KB

File Code: FO477C010DA1


Copy write conditions: Not to shear online for personal use or any means.

Usage rights: free to use personally but not to share online

Country: (all countries)

Agreement: by downloading this document and using this site you agreed to terms and conditions of this website, the copy of the terms of use can be found at


This file is an editable file, you can edit and use it for personal use.

.skp are filed opened Sketchup ® software if you don’t have Sketchup software to view the files you can send us request ( or, to send you in pdf format.

If you have related Sketchup files to donate please use upload link (


As soon as you click to download the file, it will automatically download the file into your location, please check your folder before you click it again.

Download Sketchup File

Office Building Office Building


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