Argo industrial design complete AutoCAD file

Argo industrial design complete AutoCAD file

Argo industrial design complete Exterior Elevation Left &Right all in AutoCAD file.

The design AutoCAD document includes floor plans, site plan, and section and elevation views having different purpose buildings like Biotechnology division, Food technology, Chemical & environmental Tech laboratory

File description (AutoCAD file)

1- Site visual concept plan

2- Ground floor plan (laboratory)

3- Floorplans

4- Upper floor plan

5- Section plans

6- Site plan

7- Ground floor plans

The design includes

 Biotechnology division

Food technology

Chemical & Environmental Tech lab


Research library

Seminar rooms

And more

File format: DWG with AutoCAD 2007

User purpose of file: this design represents an Argo industrial

With a complete design and dimensional all in AutoCAD 2007

Can be used, edited and use for more purpose.

Sample view:

Elevation viewSection

Size of the file: maybe 15mb or more

File code:   FO5A520A51C3

Copy write conditions:  Don`t have the right to shear online or offline only for personal use.

Usage rights: 1. free to use or modify, 2. free to use modify, even commercially; Sharing this file online strictly prohibited.

Contributor:  “Anonymous”

Country: “all countries”

Agreement: by downloading this document and using this site you agreed to terms and conditions of this website. The copy of the terms of use can be found at

You can click below to download editable file

Download AutoCAD File

just one click to enjoy this design all free we don’t need anyone to hassle easily download.

NOTE: As soon as you click to download the autoCAD file, it will automatically download the file into your location, please check your folder before you click it again.


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