Cylindrical Thermal Fin ANSYS file for free download with Details

Cylindrical Thermal Fin ANSYS file for free download 

Thermal Fin ANSYS

File description (ANSYS files.cas ; .msh)

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A fin is a device that increases the rate of heat transfer by means of its extended surfaces from the base.

Fins play an important role in many engineering applications like cooling of electronic devices, circuits and various mechanical components. Heat transfer takes place by means of conduction from the base to the end of the fin and by means of convection to the atmosphere either by natural or forced convection. Natural convection is the preferred mode of heat transfer since it involves no moving parts like pumps, compressors or blowers.

A properly selected fin may reduce the temperature to a considerable value with minimum risk of failure. There are different methods to determine the temperature variation by means of experiments or by means of commercial available software packages like Steady and Transient Thermal analysis in ANSYS.

The analysis is performed by employing a constant wall temperature at one end while the convective boundary condition at all other remaining faces.

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